DIY Lesson #1 Ripped Top - Lição nº1 de DIY Top Rasgado

12:06 Susana Rodrigues 55 Comments


.1- Peguem num top preto; 2- Agarrem na tesoura; 3- Arranjem uma imagem que sirva de modelo... 4- Está na hora de cortar. Cortem linhas diagonais desde o topo até ao fim...5- Coloquem um top branco por baixo do top preto (já cortado)..

White top - Bershka; Black top - CK Jeans; Black chain - Street store; Black wool chain - DIY; Necklace - Vintage; Rings - Gothic store, Parfois and Accessorize; Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (Imperial 469).
Top branco - Bershka; Top preto - CK Jeans; Corrente preta - Loja de rua; Corrente preta em lã- DIY; Fio - Vintage; Anéis - Loja de artigos góticos, Parfois e Accessorize; Nails - Chanel Le Vernis (Imperial 469).

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wowww...nice directions!!!mmm..i think i'll try!!kisses!!!xxx

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You are an artist.

PUNKIE said...

that's gorgeous! good job!

♥ Guida said...

Há uns dias apanhei umas muito engraçadas deste género no Stumble Upon :P Tipo esta

As imagens por este mês já foram, mas o que eles fazem é cortar tiras horizontais nas costas da t-shirt e pegar na primeira tira de cima e ir cruzando com as restantes, para baixo! Faz efeito coluna vertebral ;D


dapper kid said...

Oh wow, that looks so fantastic dear! I'm loving the layering on white :) And yum, I looove your rings.

F Blog said...

Amazing! Great job on the diy!

WendyB said...

Nice work.

alice said...

I think I'll try x)

Mimi said...

Wow, amazing DIY project!!!


The Seeker said...

WOW Su, what a great DIY!!!
I love it, I think I might try it!
Or am I too old for that???

By the way how are things? Hope everything ok
Enjoy the days of!!!


The Seeker said...

And yes as DK pointed your rings are amazing!!!!

Oooooh! I think I might try this out. I've got a ratty black tank lying around.

God. I love your rings!

andrea muniz said...

Adorei a idéia!!!!Juro q vou tentar fazer,kkkk!!!Bjsssssssssss

tina_mbc said...

Those ripped tops are so hot atm...

Excellent job! ;)

Great, great work!!

Tenho um preto assim rasgado, mas nas costas!!:))

Vern P said...

wow..i applaud your diy skills! i'm def not as crafty. :)

Anonymous said...

Vou tentar fazer isso numa camiseta que tenho aqui, me deseje sorte hehe.
adorei o blog.

FrancoB. said...

I can see that as a clubbing outfit! cool

PinkBow said...

great tutorial!

loft in soho said...

Great work dear!
you're an artist
thanks for sharing


Interesting concept!
Great blog!

Great DIY! I need to try this out at some point. The layering is a great effect. Love your jewelry and nailpolish as well!

Trixy said...

Amazing DIY; it looks so professional.

Disa said...

Fantástico, adorei a dica.

Meream said...

Great tutorial! I happen to have an extra black and white tankie. Will do this tomorrow. Nothing like a DIY Sunday :)

Wow! I wouldn't be able to cut it so well!Lol

Anonymous said...

f'n brilliant! Can't wait to try it out for myself.

Penelope said...

GOSH; this is taking DIY to the extreme! It's so FAB!:D

Kudos to you, Su!

Allie said...

Love!! Such a great DIY. One of the more avant garde trends that appears to be fairly easy to attempt at home. Good work!

Anonymous said...

adorei a idéia. um dia eu ainda tento fazer isso com alguma t-shirt minha (ainda sou muito apegada à elas para cortá-las xD)


Great post

I love it! Me encanta!!! I will definitely try it :)

M. and O. said...

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Catarina Motta said...

Não me imagino a usar algo assim tão alternativo, mas acho muito giro e é a tua cara!

Najeema said...

You did a great job! Okay, so how cool would that look made out of a leather tshirt?!

Bella said...

This is just ridiculously cool! You're amazing. xxx

janettaylor said...

Great idea and Ur new top is totally U!


C.Chico said...

i must try..

Jei said...

Love this DIY. Thanks for posting it! I'm def. going to attempt this once I find a black shirt :).

xoxoxxx, Jei

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!!:)

Nice directions!!I think I must try!!!!:):):)

coco said...

Looks really cool. I like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

boa dica ;)


Blicious said...

LOVE THIS! thanks for the step by step help!

cprm said...

Adoro DYT things.....
Adorei como ficou o top.

Natty said...

Gotta love the top...... will put it on my DIY list for the month, cant wait to wear it :)

Also about the about the post above this one.... unfortunatelly we cannot make comments but, these boots i can only say this..... when i wear mine these are my favorite fashion victim moments of my life..... ok they are ugly, i've had a pair of uggs since ever and can only tell theres nothing better to travel on.

these shoes actually originated in australia and were used by surfers... somehow became super popular about 8 years ago here in Los Angeles, and today all girls have one pair of these.... its like the granny underwear all of us secretly keep in our drawers :)

love your blog, super kul and super fashion

a. said...

fabulous diy, you look so damn cool!


yeah !! useful diy !!!

Jessica said...

Awesome diy!! You did an amazing job!! I love how it turned out! :)

Natty said...

AH this top is on the cover of NYLON magazine of this month....

Jackie m. said...

wait. did you steal this from with asian stereotypes? im pretty sure she did a very similar post a long time ago. i dont know if she knows but be sure i will tell her. you should have atleast said that you got the idea from her i'm sure she'll be unhappy. there is no way you made something THAT similar on your own jeez. Link -

Zakuro said...

Good Lesson to make this!!

Hey Jackie M. I'm just answering you because I have a clean conscious, otherwise I wouldn't waist my time replying to you at all!

Ok moving on... please Do tell China Lee about the top and please Do tell her too that I love her Blog and send her a Big Kiss from me!

And NOOOOO I didn't copy her, it was NOT my intention at all. I didn't remember that she did that post, which is pretty cool.

From what I just saw the posts are diff. because mine is a lesson on how to DIY and in the end I dress the top and add a few accessories (she hasn't done that). And if you had paid attention, you'd see that my first photo (the inspirational one) is from RODARTE. You better call the sis'

Please Chill! We, as fashion bloggers are always getting inpiration from magazines, designers, etc! I love China's Blog, it's on my fave list, I was not copying China at all!

But like I've said, please feel free to write her a huge email bragging about this... I don't care! I love her Blog and I DO respect it a lot! She totally rules!



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