Lindsay Lohan as a creative consultant for Ungaro? - Lindsay Lohan como consultora criativa da marca Ungaro?

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks to assume the role of creative consultant for Emanuel Ungaro. The rumor sounds too bad to be true, but "Page Six" reports that Ungaro designer Esteban Cortazar is threatening to leave with his team if Lindsay signs on. Ungaro and Cortazar haven't commented on these reports.
It's not that I don't like Lindsay's personal style, but I just don't see her as a consultant for Ungaro. I could see her doing that for Heatherette, I just think it's more her!
.Parece que a Lindsay Lohan anda em conversações com Emanuel Ungaro, para assumir o papel de consultora criativa da marca. Segundo o "Page Six", Esteban Cortazar o designer da Casa Ungaro, está a ameaçar sair com a sua equipa caso Lindsay assine com eles. Entretanto, nem Ungaro nem Cortazar fizeram comentários.
Não é que eu não goste da Lindsay ou do estilo pessoal dela, mas não a vejo como consultora da Ungaro, vejo-a mais a fazer esse papel para a marca Heatherette!



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alice said...

she has great outfit!

Everybody is going crazy!

Oh god...this could go so badly....

tina_mbc said...

Noooo way...!!!

triss said...

Pois. Não me parece que ela tenha calibre para essa função. enough already with leggings li-lo!
(obg pela visita ao meu blogue. não sei se sabes quem eu sou, fomos colegas de turma na universidade)
beijinhos P

Anonymous said...

eu adoro a lindsay,ela é fantastica


Mimi said...

Hopefully this is not true!
First of all I think for you to be a consultant you should have an amazing sense of style and Lindsay hasnt had the best style lately


Completely agree with you. It's bad enough when celebrities decide to be designers, but to be part of an established fashion house, when it's a job a million people want and have been working hard to get, seems a bit ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I not sure, but I think she could be kind of good, as her style has got edgier as she has grown up. Yet again, she may be trying to be like the Oslens and be attempting to branch out from acting, like they did.
Child stars , don't usually staystars.

Megan said...

I think they should give the job to someone more qualified.

Hope not!

Marie. said...

Eu adoro a Lindsay. Como celebridade. Não creio que tenha o carisma para ser consultora do que quer que seja. No way.

Frou Flu said...

oh my god, that is insane. yes, i agree, they should give the job to someone more qualified. what are they thinking?? i can't blame cortazar for threatening to walk out.

J. Smith said...

They should pick someone who can real do the work, instead of Lind who need a stylish to dress her up. She has not enough creativity to be a consultant.

Seraphine said...

i like lindsay. she makes mistakes, but don't we all?
but yes, something less sophisticated and younger for lindsay.

a. said...

I hate Lilo!

hell nooooooooooooooooooo!

Marian said...

I am eager to find out if this pans out to be true.
muah x

I hope not lol
Can a person who needs a stylist to dress her up, be a creative consultant for a fashion house? LOL guess not :P

It's not that I don't like her style, but I don't think she is the right person for this job!

Rain said...

Twilight was mwah... I didn't read the book, but I guess it's the major hype around Twilight, that caught me?...I am looking forward to see New Moon!

Lindsay @ Ungaro's no way! She did an add for Fornarina, that suits her more...or she should just stuck at party-ing :P


claulovesfashion said...

i LOVE LiLOooO!!!

LOV'S fashion kisses!!* smackss!

i love Lilo!!


oriwa said...

in no way a big lindsay fan, but i have to hand it to her, those are some killer heels!