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The Stiletto Effect and chickdowntown.com are partnering again and GIVINGAWAY this grey "Elizabeth and James" Deconstructed Tee, to one LUCKY WINNER and guess what? This is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY, so everyone in the Planet can enter ;)
This line was created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, considered by the fashion industry two of the most stylish women in the world.
Chickdowntown has an extraordinary assortment of beautiful clothing. It carries tons of amazing designers such as Plastic Island or Elizabeth and James, just to name a few. Go to their site to see more fabulous pieces by these two lines.
I also love the Aubrey Kimono and the Silver Set of Bangles by "Elizabeth and James" and the Red Mini Skirt by "Plastic Island", aren't these amazing?
1. Leave a comment telling why you would like to win this cool tee;
2. Add chickdowntown on Facebook Fan Page or follow chickdowntown on twitter;
3. Leave your name, City and Country (no need to leave an e-mail address to avoid spam).
Easy right?
This GIVEAWAY ends next Friday, July 24, by Midnight (PST).
O The Stiletto Effect e o site chickdowntown.com juntaram-se novamente e estão a oferecer esta t-shirt (ver imagem acima ou sigam o link) "Elizabeth and James deconstructed Tee" e desta vez todos vocês vão poder participar. Esta linha pertence às fabulosas Mary-Kate e Ashley Olsen, consideradas duas das mulheres com mais estilo e influência no mundo da moda.
O chickdowntown tem imensas peças fabulosas de varios designers, dos quais destaco Plastic island e Elizabeth and James, de entre outros. basta visitarem o site para verem mais peças fantásticas destas duas linhas.
Também gosto imenso do Quimono Aubrey e das Pulseiras em Prata da linha "Elizabeth and James" e da Mini Saia vermelha da "Plastic Island".
1. Deixem um comentário a dizer porque é que gostavam de ganhar esta t-shirt super "fashion";
2. Adicionem-se à página do Facebook do chickdowntown ou tornem-se seus seguidores no Twitter;
3. Deixem o vosso nome, Cidade e País (não é necessário deixar endereço de e-mail, para evitar spam).
O PASSATEMPO termina na próxima Sexta-feira, dia 24 de Julho, à meia noite (horário americano - Costa do Pacífico).

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Nicole said...

I would love to win this t-shirt because it's the epitome of my slouchy style. I would wear it with skinny jeans and high-heeled ankle boots. I love Elizabeth & James because it's a designer line that actually fits me!

Nicole Boston, MA

Meg said...

Yay! I <3 international giveaways.

1. I want this because I am a bit lacking in basics and I think that this is an all season piece that will work well into fall!

2. Follow on twitter!

3. Calgary, Canada

Me encanta la T-shirt¡Tengo una parecida,pero...me encantaria tener otra¡
Tu blog es fantástico.

Me acabo de hacer fan tuyo en facebook¡

PUNKIE said...

I would be very happy to win this tee, firstly because I'm usually unlucky at games and then... beacause this tee is so georgeous!

PUNKIE said...

PS: I'm Punkie from Bologna, Italy! :D

WANTED: Elizabeth and James Deconstructed Tee to give to an affectionate and caring home. Will never be lonely with a wardrobe full of loving blazers, boots and scarves.

Please contact: Jodie, Edinburgh, England.

Anonymous said...

Eu gostava de ganhar esta T-Shirt, porque a sua simplicidade fazem dela super Fashion!

Patrícia Marques- Lisboa-Portugal

Amanda K said...

Yay for the awesome giveaway!!

1. I would wear it with my J Brand Skinny jeans in INK and my Modern Vintage Boots.

2. I follow Chickdowntown on Twitter.

3. Amanda K, NYC, USA

Maíra said...

I would love to have the Elizabeth & James tee because last year I have either given away or sold all my basic clothes and never realized it until I needed something casual! I wanted to downsize my wardrobe and ended up with dressy outfits only... Moreover, I am so loving this loungewear trend! Comfy and stylish: there can be nothing better than that. Also, I love the Olsen twins for being as petite as I am and still stylish.

I am a follower on Twitter (I go by @plurabel there).

I am from Brasilia, Brazil!

Annette D said...

I love it! I would wear it with jeans. I follow Chickdowntown on twitter

joana said...

1 - Because it would be my first designer piece of clothing.

2 - followed on twitter.

3 - joana, lisbon, portugal.

Shelly said...

It would be a great wardrobe update - and looks comfy too

Dana said...

Hi Su!! What a cool giveaway!!

Dana Valdez De la Torre
Mexico City, Mexico

I would love to win this tee cause I'm a huge fan of the Olsens and they don't sell this brand in Mexico, so it would be impossible for me to get! I would go to Vogue to leave my work wearing this!!!

Fingers crossed! Thank you :)

If I win I would write a post about your fab blog!! :)

Carlinha said...

Flor me dá um pitaco no http://lookbookestilosas.blogspot.com/2009/07/e-o-resultado-foi.html precisando de opiniões

E está tendo sorteio no http://bazarfortaleza.blogspot.com/2009/07/sorteio-relampago.html não deixe de participar


Ashley said...

1. I'm always on the lookout for my new favorite tee, and this one looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!

2. I follow ChickDowntown on Twitter - I'm "BreakfastatSaks"

3. Ashley/Rochester, NY/USA

I would love to win so i could wear it with blazers and cut offs!

Demi said...

1. because as soon as I looked at it I imagined lotsss of amazing outfits - and it would be my first designer item. :-)
2. I followed chickdowntown on twitter.
3. Demi, Cheshire, England. :-) xx

heleen db said...

Ooooh definitely want this. I love the entire Elizabeth and James line, but this t-shirt belongs to my favourites because it's so versatile! I can come up with a thousand different ways to style it, yet still remain fabulous.

Bertem, Belgium

Vern P said...

sweets, since i can't enter mine, I'll enter yours --- if you enter mine! Same deal! Go Chickdowntown.

I want this tee to rock with my new alexander wang harem sweats and a pair of wedge sandals. one shoulder down for the summer. channel bag and stacked necklaces, for the win! owwwh!

Vern, NY

Hi Su,
Pick me! Pick me!
I've been admiring the slouchy tees from Elizabeth & James and would love this one. I promise to give it a good home.



Thanks for the giveaway!

I never buy t-shirts because most of them look terrible on me. This one has the right amount of louche chicness!


Sigrid said...

1. I would like to win because the tee look so beautful. I doesn't own one chlotes in quality, everything I own is frome stores like H&M. And I am a student and live at parents so I absolutely don't have the money that needs to by chlotes like this :( (and sorry, I'm not that good att english).

2. I have add the group on Facebook.

3. Sigrid Holmgren, Luleå/Sweden

coco said...

I would like to win this because no one loves the Olsen twins as much as me (I even own So Little Time on dvd - that shows I'm a true fan) and I can never enter blog comps because I don't like in America.

Following on Twitter

London, England

Also how are you? Haven't commented much in ages. Hope you are having a lovely summer.


1. Why should I win this cool tee?.
"Elizabeth and James" is a fantastic brand that is not available here in Argentina so this is an incredible oportunity for me to have the chance to actually have a piece of their collection. This tee is fantastic because it can be used in a multitude of styles and it trully shows the essence of the brand.

2. Following on Twitter by the name of: Flavia Martina.

3. Flavia, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

(p.s: thanks for your comment! and for this incredible opportunity!).

I want to win it because it is gorgeous and I adore Elizabeth and James!!!!

Seraphine said...

it's only "easy" to enter if you have a facebook or twitter account. my life is too constructed for that. between work, married life, drawing an almost daily comic and everything else, i barely have time take a deep breath. I can't twitter without first giving up something else. you see, i am the mistress of order.
which is why the deconstructed tee would be perfect for me.
it'd be the perfect disguise.
because inside, there is a deconstructed "me" waiting to come out.

Renée said...

I would like to win the amazing tee because I love the line, Elizabeth and James, and I think your blog is great!

My name is Renée Göthlin and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.


La Couturier said...

Marlboro, NJ, USA (:

I'm already following Amy/Chickdowntown on Twitter & FB! (:

I love how unpretentious this tee is. It would look so good tucked in or let loose over a bandage mini skirt, over leggings, or jeans (:

La C.

Anonymous said...

Woo internationl giveaways make me soo happy:).

I feel I deserve to win this fabulous Elizabeth and James Tee 1) I sadly don't own anything from elizabeth and james and wish I did! 2) I would show it a lot of love and I know I would wear it non-stop. What I love about this top is it can be worn in some many different ways with so many different looks. My ideal look for it would be to pair it with some vintage bleached levi shorts, a couple of pendants, my new thigh high suede boots, bright red lips and messy hair.

My name is Lily and I live in Ireland.


i want to win this t-shirt because my mum has just ruined my favourite slouchy t-shirt in the wash.

jenna, adelaide, australia.

LML said...

i would love to win this shirt because 1. it looks uber comfy yet soooo chic! 2. it is designed by the most fashionable twins on the planet! 3. i could wear it a lot - in a lot of different ways and 4. it would be my first "high end designer" piece :)

LML said...

oops i almost forgot - im from Alpharetta, GA USA

FaithJ said...

Here I am commenting in hopes of winning! However I do not have a Facebook account nor do I Twitter! I hope somehow I can still win!

St. Louis, MO, USA

Lizzie said...

I want this shirt SO badly because ELizabeth and James have the absolute cutest clothes and most amazing basics which are in NO means basic!

I follow chickdowntown on twitter and on FB @wizfoe

Los Angeles, CA USA!!

Hannah said...

Looks totally cute and would be a great addition to the wardrobe!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jess said...

Jess - Toronto, Canada


This is such a great versatile "non-basic" basic. The cotton looks so soft and I can't get over the ripped details. This would be on heavy rotation for my summer wardrobe; day or night rain or shine.

Samantha said...

this would work perfectly in the my wardrobe, its the perfect basic tee. i'm in love with it!

Boston, MA USA

Carol said...

I would LOVE to own this tee because I am tired of wearing the same old clothes every year and need something fashionable. Besides, it's super cute!!

Columbus, GA

janettaylor said...

WoWzEE! international giveways! YEEEEPIIIII! :-)

Follow U on the twitter!

Janet, Budapest (Hungary)


Shen-Shen said...

It looks like it'd be really versatile! I'm following chickdowntown on Twitter already.

I'm Shen-Shen from Princeton, USA!

roswello said...

i would love it as it looks really comfortable , if they have it in white or black it would be awesome

Ivania said...

Because I had allready saved a few pictures of THAT shirt for my wishlist! but guess what, I AM BROKE!

I promise I would take good care of her, take her out of the closet very frequently, wear her with some great 80's chanel earrings, not throw her in the dryer, wear a bib during meals, and offcourse tell everyone I got her from chick down town and the stilleto effect ;)

Added you on facebook!

MsVeve said...

I never win anything. This is partly due to the fact that I live in Prague, Czech Republic, and most give-aways aren't international. But this actually being one I could so win! Prove my bad luck to be over;) I would make Ash and MK proud, promise.

Prague, Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

1. this t-shirt simple but cool and really wearable. it's simply the perfect t-shirt. also because MK is a huge source of inspiration for me and my biggest idol, not only her style, I adore her. and of course because i will never afford to buy it.

3. isabella from tjörn in sweden.

Danielle said...

Elizabeth & James is awesome! Love this tee!

Valentine said...

Why would I want to win this tee? because it looks so "lived in and worn out" which is how I love my clothes to be. Cozy and nice. :-)

Valentine, Manila, Philippines


kca10 said...

I have girl crushes on the Olsen Twins - and LOVE this line of theirs! I swear I saw Ashley across the street from me in NYC when I was there last weekend in the East Village, but my boyfriend thinks I just wanted to see her. Haha

This top in particular is awesome because of its neutral color. It'd be really fun to wear with a neon skirt or colored jeans. I also have been eying resin-coated jeans and think pairing those with this top would be amazing.

I follow chickdowntown on Twitter - 100 Bella Jackets giveaway? Yes, please.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Ange said...

I love this tee and the whole distressed look thing. nittanyliongurl@gmail.com

Eliza said...

Can someone say, "sexy"!!? This would look hot at the club or just hangin' with the guys at the bar.

Totally sheek, but cas all the same.

Ellinor said...

1. I would like to win this t-shirt that looks very comfortable and "trash" beautiful, a t-shirt you can throw on you when shopping, eating out, etc. You can use it as just the shirt or experiment and have, for example, a vest, a poncho or similar. I really liked the design!
A BIG plus the fashion icons Olsen twins designed it!

2 Follow on twitter!

3 Ellinor Norberg, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Pinky said...

1. I would love to own this shirt b/c I adore Elizabeth & James and their unique take on basics. It is so simple and yet so gorgeous!

2. I am following chickdowntown on Twitter as THePinkyFiles [meowmeowkitten].

3. Lena, NY, NY

Hedvig said...

I would like to win this tee because i love the Elizabeth & James line, and I´m a huge fan of the twins and their personal style! It would be really nice to be a owner of something from the line, and this t-shirt is the perfect basic one that I need in my wardrobe:)

I´ll follow chicdowntown on twitter!

Hedvig Bengtsson, Motala Sweden

Robine said...

Yes, finally international!

1. Because I really love the Elizabeth and James clothing line. I already owned 4 pieces of them, and it true love. This shirt will fit perfect in my wardrobe!
2. I follow you on twitter.
3. Robine, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

xxx Robine



1. Why I want to win this? Because I can't get Elizabeth and James clothing in Argentina, because I worship the Olsen's style, and because it would be brilliant to win something :)

2. I've added chickdowntown on facebook.

3. Alexia Breard-Anderson
Buenos Aires (Capital Federal)

Becca said...

Love this shirt! I'm a fan on facebook. This would go so well with some dark skinny jeans from Current/Elliot!

Roxy said...

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth and James. I'd love to wear this around town.

I've been following Chickdowntown forever on twitter and facebook.

United States of America

hockiemack @ hotmail.com

I would love to win this one because chicdowntown hardly ever have an international giveaway. This may even be their first and last one!

It was created by MK and A Olsen. Who wouldnt want to own something they consider stylish.

I dont have a single distressed piece in my wardrobe. But, i guess i am ready to dive into this trend if it is a freebie.

-i am fan on the FB page

-Swati from Bhilai, India.

Jéssica said...

I would like to win this tee because I think every girl deserves to feel like a celebrity even just for one day. If I put this tee on with my black skinny jeans, I'd feel as glamorous as the Olsen twins. That would be awesome!

p.s.: I added chickdowntown on Facebook and I'm also following it on twitter.

Jéssica Andrade


Alaina said...

I would love to win this Elizabeth and James Tee because it's a great casual summer look!

Lisa said...

I would love to win this tee because it would be my first E&J piece...it's usually out of my price range but I love MK&A's style, and this tee is GREAT!

San Diego, CA, USA

Lisa said...

I forgot to include that I follow chickdowntown, my handle is lisa_read


KayRN said...

I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth and James. I love their style it looks comfy and chic. I don't own anything from them yet because of the their prices, but I love browsing through their work.

I'm a follower of CDT on twitter user name: kayliciousrn

Lisa, Brooklyn, New York

Grace said...

Twitter @graciesays is totally following chickdowntown.

And I want this tee, well to be honest, because it is one badass grey tee!

Moreno Valley, CA

Thanks by the way for extending this opportunity to all your readers!

Love Grace.

Claire said...

International? WOW!! Hooray!! I would love this tshirt because I did hvae a week where I was inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen... convenient, eh?

Claire, London, UK!

I've also tweeted it here http://twitter.com/electricclaire

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for your comment on my blog!


geisharock said...

1. I would love to win this tee because I have been searching for the perfect slouchy t-shirt for so long and believe that this is the one! Also I never ever win anything (I am one of those unlucky people whose ticket never gets picked) and this would totally make my whole summer!

2. I am already following chickdowntown on twitter :)

3. Zara from London, United Kingdom

Kerissa said...

-I love the Olsen Twin's style and I do my best, though not blonde, petite or rich, to pull it off. It would be so great to win this from these new CFDA inductees!
-I am already Chickdowntown's facebook friend
-Kerissa Barron, San Diego, CA, USA

Marian said...

hey honey rocking international giveaway! super exciting.
I would like to win this t-shirt as I think the Olsen's have great unique style that has inspired the masses. I also think that their clothing lines are truly representative of their personal style.each piece is completely either Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen.
I am following Chickdowntown now on twitter, yay!
have a great weekend up ahead.
United Kingdom.

Qrida bigada por me teres avisado tenho andando cheia de work nem tenho vindo ao blog, espero ter hoje um tempinho para poder participar!! :))

Michele said...

I would love this tee because I am in desperate need of comfortable, casual clothes, and not just the business-wear that resides in my closet that I wear for work. I follow chickdowntown on twitter. Thanks!

wendy said...

would love to win this for my daughter so I can knock another item off of my back to school shopping list for tenth grade!

madamerkf at aol dot com

Eliza said...

Gostei imenso da t-shirt, porque ficaria fantástica com um blazer, jeans e botins, principalmente, mas também conseguiria pensar em montes de outros conjuntos. Acho-a muito versátil :D

Chamo-me Eliza e sou de Alhandra (em Lisboa), Portugal :D

Kirsten said...

I would live in this shirt! It is the perfect combo of 90s grunge mixed with today's modern chic casual....I would rock this everyday, and spread the praise of The Stiletto Effect all over town! :)

Kirsten - Los Angeles, CA

Kirsten said...

Oh, and my twitter is @Bristols6 and I am following you :)

tinagirl said...

I would like to win because it looks incredibly comfortable! I follow
chickdowntown on twitter - warp65
Tina NC, USA

tbonegrl said...

I would love to wins this because it is so cool. I raaely get to buy myself clothes anymore, and this would elevate me above frazzled mom!