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The winner of The Stiletto Effect and chickdowntown “Elizabeth and James” Tee Giveaway is Ivania from the Netherlands, who wrote: “I would like to win because I had already saved a few pictures of THAT shirt for my wish list! But guess what, I AM BROKE! I promise I would take good care of her, take her out of the closet very frequently, wear her with some great 80's Chanel earrings, not throw her in the dryer and wear a bib during meals!”
BUT, yes there is a but! I have a surprise! chickdowntown kindly decided to offer another “Elizabeth and James” Tee, as a 2nd prize, YAY and the winner is Coco from England, who wrote: I would like to win this because no one loves the Olsen twins as much as me (I even own So Little Time on DVD - that shows I'm a true fan) and I can never enter blog comps because I don't live in America.
Congratulations girls, I hope you enjoy your "Elizabeth and James" tees!
I love chickdowntown; I'm a fan and I constantly visit their website. They have a new Collection of Vintage Dresses and Vintage Accessories where you can find one-of-a-kind items dating back to early parts of the 20th century and beyond. From vintage Valentino to classic Chanel to undiscovered treasures, you will find something that is guaranteed to be extra special and undeniably unique. See bellow a few of my favourites pieces of these amazing collection. You should definitely visit chickdowntown, because they sell wonderful pieces.

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