Hi, my name is Su and I'm a Balmainaholic - Olá, o meu nome é Su e sou uma Balmainaólica

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A "Balmainaholic" (term I've just invented) is someone who is completely addicted to Balmain. I know I am. I love all the Collections; the shoes are to die for, the clothes are just wowable and Christophe... ohhhh Chris is my "Designer Crush". I know most of you are thinking about vacations, going to the beach, wearing flat sandals and summer dresses, but as soon as I put my eyes on these fabulous Balmain Jackets (Fall 2009 Collection) I wanted to share them with you. They are beautiful and very cool at the same time!
What about you? Do you consider yourself a "Balmainaholic"?
Um "Balmainaólico" (termo que eu acabei de inventar) é alguém completamente viciado em Balmain. Eu sou viciada em Balmain. Amo todas as Colecções; os sapatos são de morrer, as roupas são completamente "wow" e o Christophe... ohhhh o Chris, estou caidínha por ele (posso dizer que é a minha "Designer Crush". Eu sei que a maioria de vocês estão a pensar nas férias de verão, em ir para a praia, em usar sandálias rasas e vestidinhos curtos, mas desde que eu vi estes fabulosos casacos (Colecção Outono 2009) que quis partilhá-los com vocês. São lindos e muito cool ao mesmo tempo!

Então, também são "Balmainaólicos"?
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25 comentários:

the leather jacket is pretty hot! dont like the other 3!


MMSfaith said...

I love the cape and leather jackets! I also love all the Balmain collections- especially their military jackets (http://classandfab21.blogspot.com/2009/07/wanna-be-startin-somethin.html). Thanks 4 sharing! :D

anacecilia said...

woww i love them all i want a leather jacket!!!

Caitlin said...

MY GOD, these are to die for! Literally, I would die just so I could be buried in one of these

In-tree-gue said...

those are all quite attractive

Trixy said...

The tweed cape is so bold -- I love it.

a. said...

I'm a Balmainaholic too lol I really like those jackets, especially the leather one, so cute!

Miriam said...

oh these are all soo damn hot! and sooo expensive...

O Tweed militar é lindo!!:))

Anonymous said...

yes, i'm in love too!

I don't mind Balmain, but I think living in Paris where I see girls wear those shouldered jackets a lot, it's becoming a little overexposed. I saw the leather jacket the other day in a store and it does look pretty hot, but as with all Balmain, it's just too overpriced for what it is. I love that tweed cape though! I think of all four looks here that one is probably the most timeless.

Adoro o tweed :)

haha we'll just have to track down that Subway-riding-twin of yours then and show your friends.. ;) what a story!


Tee Sea said...



FrancoB. said...

haha love your new word!
love the leather jackets! i'm a fan of leather

I can see why you are a Balmainaolic. The jackets are unbelievable. I love the designs of the last two jackets.

Marian said...

The structure of these is impeccable! how wonderful is the leather biker, the tuxedo and the wool cape?!!

me too!!!!!!!! love those jackets!!!

xxx G&L

Miss Pu said...

we're all dear.. we're all..


prettyneons said...

thats one fierce leather jacket,whoa rock & roll! ha ha (:
prettyneOns X

love love love Balmain, that cape is so beautiful.

Eda said...

This is a dangerous disease for my wallet:)

I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!


Raquel said...

adoro adoro adoro!

The Seeker said...

OMG, Su, these are just to die for.....

Desculpa por andar afastada, tanta coisa para fazer que não sei por onde me virar e de férias....

Espero que esteja tudo 5 estrelas contigo.

Fiz um pequeno post sobre o teu giveaway (sortuda, internacional, o meu vai ser só para os US).

Kisses, kisses

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