McQueen and his skulls - McQueen e as suas caveiras

23:29 Susana Rodrigues 21 Comments




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McQueen is a *F...* genious!
I Love the red clutch.

Eri said...

Totally agreed! I love the shoes and the tank tops.

WendyB said...

Wow, I love it on the shoes.

ryder said...

he really goes sometimes even over the edge. you gotta love him for it.

a. said...

I adore Alexander McQueen, just look at those heels!

M said...

Já as tinha andado a namorar, inclusivé até a preparar o meu post "
WishList" :)
E para além de adorar Alexander McQueen, adoro caveiras, esta junção não podia ser melhor.

i love the skulls! very rock n roll

M said...

Obrigada pelo teu comentário, a parceria do Lacroix com a La Redoute já foi a algum tempo, mas funciona um pouco como a H&M, mas assim que vi as sandálias não resisti:)
Já adicionei o teu link:)

Grace said...


Love Grace.

agora que penso nisso... nao tenho nenhuma peça com caveiras



PUNKIE said...

this boots... how great!!! they're amazing!

Anonymous said...

that red clutch just made my heart stop and restart. oh mqueen... the man knows how to make me go weak in the knees.

leila grace
the vain and the bored

S* said...

Não aprecio caveiras, mas a clutch dourada e o cinto são amorosos. :P Gina said...

I love the red clutch! It would def add some personality to an outfit, great details :)

the skull boots are my fav but the entire post is awesome!

That brassknuckle clutch is awesome!

I just discovered your blog :)

I love everything i see on this post! and those ankle boots are just amazing!


Ashley said...

Omg those boots. They'd be worth going broke for!


Anonymous said...

adoro coisas com caveiras


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Hortência said...

adoro caveirinhas..=D
admiro tb o trabalho do McQueen.
ow adorei teu blog, descobri recentemente.