"Sushi" Night - Noite de "Sushi"

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Black denim jacket - Morgan de Toi, Top - Topshop, Faux leather pants - Pimkie, Silver chain bracelet - Nancy Caten, Bracelets - Accessorize, Hammered Silver Knuckle ring, Harness necklace and Cross bracelet - ?, Clutch - Gap, Nails - Chanel Le Vernis (Imperial 469)

Casaco de ganga preto - Morgan de Toi, Top - Topshop, Calças em pele (falsa) - Pimkie, Corrente de prata - Nancy Caten, Pulseiras - Accessorize, Anél, Colar de correntes e Pulseira com cruzes - ? , Mala de mão - Gap, Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (Imperial 469)
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61 comentários:

i've been on the lookout for a cool knuckle ring ever since mine bit the dust.....love it!!!!
great outfit :)

Tiffany said...

adore the outfit and the sushi looks so yummy!

ohhh ando à imenso tempo à procura de um colar desses! Estou desejosa de ter um, são lindos

freeteyme said...

as usual - you rock this outfit!

PinkBow said...

the harness necklace is amazing, so eye-catching. yum i love sushi!

M said...

Adorei o teu outfit, e o colar...
Também adoro sushi.

Onde foi esse sushi????

Anneleen said...

I love your style and your blog. Please keep up the good work!


Elle said...

gostei do blog ;)
convido te a passar pelo meu.

Love Elle

Great outfit! I had sushi last night as well, but you take the price for best dressed haha, ;)

Jéssica said...

essa bolsa tá incrível! e o sushi nem se fala, meu ponto fraco

Elle said...

Fiquei muito contente com o teu comentário

E já te coloquei me coloquei na lista de seguidores.
Em relação à lista de links só daqui a uns tempitos, quando tiver mais blogs.

E eu ja tinha visto o passatempo das manas Olsen, pois já seguia o teu blog à um certo tempo, mas andei sempre a adiar a participação e acabei por me esquecer :S


mariarose said...

that nail polish is very chic, i like it. and sushi looks so colourful, it's the one type of food I would eat if i was not to be a vegetarian for a day! xo

betty said...

Wow love everything. the outfit and the sushi haha

great blog!

Sooo L.A. said...


thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed my post and I would like to invite you to follow my blog!

this is a super cute outfit by the way!!!! love it!


wow, you have such a relaxed goth look! you totaly rock it girl!!
sushi looks so good, hmmmmm.
your blog is realy great and i do love your style!!

Thank you for your commentary! Your blog also is very nice!

tina_mbc said...

That necklace is amazing, I 've been looking online for one, but haven't found anything for a decent price yet...

Killer outfit!
The sushi looks so delicious, thankfully I 'm having some seafood too tonight... ;)


JOM said...

Hi Su!!!

Obrigada pelo comment!!! Sigo o teu blog à muitoooo tempo e é uma referência para mim parabéns!!!!

Em relação ao outfit... FIERCE!!!! Está MEGA... o sushi tb já ia! ;)


Sarah Brooke said...

Such a hot outfit!!!
I love the purse,bracelet, and the jacket.

btw thanks for the comment on my page :]]

Blicious said...

i had sushi last night too!! great pics!

cool look..
me encanta el sushi!!

Samantha said...

i've never been to your blog before but its great, i'm deffinatly linking you. i agree the balmain jacket is so beautiful!
thank you so much for commenting matts new blog, were video game nerds :p

Sunniva said...

Such a great outfit! I love everything about it, and that ring is incredible x x x

JOM said...

Su, preciso da tua opinião no meu blog sff!!!


I love all the accessories that you're wearing :)

And the sushi looks so yummy !

Roz said...

I like the black bag.. And interesting jewellery.
Thanks for the comment, it was really nice!


mary_ronaldo said...

thanks for ur comment!
great blog! i've never eaten sushi...!

The Seeker said...

Linda!!!!!!!!! :o)
Tudo ok ontigo??? Espero que sim.
I'm back... bem não a 100%, mas tentando ;)

Tenho que checkar esse blog....

Bem mas tu estás..... perfect, gorgeous, stunning....

Um bom fds querida
Lots of love


Lauh said...

I have to go shopping. I am sorry to ask this but... how did you buy that topshop top? Do you live in England or something? Because as far as I know, there is no Topshop in portugal >.>
i loved the outfit, specially the necklace =D

Lauh said...

It's okay! Sorry for entering your privacy, it wasn't my idea, just wanted to understand how you bought them, sorry x)
but thanks for the answer anyway ^^


Marietta said...

I checked her blog, it is as you say!You re very rock here, I especially love your ring!

Cool look, Sushi looks good!

Romeika said...

I'm such a freak, I have never eaten sushi! But I'm willing to try it someday..

The leggings look fierce, I'll be definitely wearing faux leather this fall/winter.


hannah said...

that looks too yummy!!

Alecca Rox said...

so chic! and oh this delicious, colourful sushi...

Uauuuuuuuu que look fantástico e poderoso... bem, vou já cuscar o blog que tu tanto gostas eh eh eh

beijinhos e bom domingo******


Eri said...

Nossa, esse sushi esta muito apetitoso!

I love your chains too.

Missing your posts, see you soon.

Vanessa said...

eu estou precisando de uma calça de couro, estou adorando o seu look!

Thanks for your comment! And thank you for including me in your links. I just saw it today and was completely floored. :D

Ohhhh, I totally love your nuckle ring & harness necklace. I was just thinking of making myself one this weekend except I couldn't find any of my materials!


hey honey !!
you should definetely watch te sisterhood of travelling pants #1 +#2

S* said...

Gira, gira, gira. Adoro a bolsa/clutch. :P

O sushi é que bah... dispenso.

Heini said...

Looks delicious. I love sushi!

Ines said...

tenho mesmo de ir ver a loja do ebay dessa blogger, parece ter coisas giras :D

Sweet Chic said...


Um beijinho muito chic

Diva said...

a Menina,como sempre, está um must!


monkey toes said...

now i'm really drooling for sushi pic#2 ;S

A La Mode said...

Great outfit!! That food looks so yummy too!

LML said...

that sushi looks soooo delish - you have no idea!

Juliet said...

The food truly does look yammy!

juliet xxx

Tina said...

I love all your jewelry!!

Marta said...

Adoro o top!

Looks like yummy sushi and awesome outfit. You really suit those pants. (^_^)
Also, loving that bracelet! x

Vern said...

love your cross bracelet!

Dana said...

That necklace is just fabulous!

you really cant go wrong with sushi ;)

Nerdic.. said...

Love the harness necklace!
Mmm.. sushi!
X, fashion-nerdic.


Tudo aqui está uma delícia!!!

Mil beijinhos :))

Whoa I looove the outfit. You just made me want to try leather leggings!

bem fantásticooooooo!!!!

Patricia S. said...

Aqui está uma boa versão da ditas leggings! Adorei! :)