A few of my fave bags and shoes! - Malas e sapatos preferidos!

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Eri said...

I am amazed by the bags!

In-tree-gue said...

those boots!

Marietta said...

Haha and I thought I had too many!! Lucky girl I see lots of designer ones! How do you store them, I always have a problem, especially since I keep buying new ones!

Lilee said...

SHIIIIIIITT everything is chanel and Louis vuitton and designer stuff! ahhhhh

Elle said...

uauuu essa colecçao de malas :O tudo de marca??
E os sapatos ai que ja me estou a babar ;)


Jéssica said...

hmm as sandálias aldo e as bolsas chanel são meus preferidos

Savvy Gal said...

i adore bags too.

Miss Carmo said...

És tão louca por malas quanto eu!! :)


p.s_ já não tenho o Cling on fashion

♥ Guida said...

Bem, na totalidade nem sequer tenho a quantidade de sapatos e malas que tu tens como favoritos :P Nem espaço há cá em casa.

Que inveeeeeja!


IM said...

tanta malinha bonita :D*

uauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! amei!!!! o manequim é fantástico! Onde compraste? Posso saber? ;)

tina_mbc said...

I thought "those are really pretty bags" before my eyes wandered to the shoes....!!! Wow!

Great post and great taste! ;)


Amazing collection! Love it!


oh my god! I'm speechless haha.

Que colecção... já não me sinto tão mal por ter tantas malas!
By the way, adoro o "manequim" da primeira foto - lindo!!!

a. said...

wow what a collection of bags and shoes and so many designer stuff! you lucky girl.

Mimi said...

wow i am so jealous right now! :P hopefully one day i'll be able to have a collection as fabulous as yours!

Kristin said...

That's quite a collection! So many delicious arm and foot candies!

CC said...

Love the Chanel bag! And the shoes! Oh! The shoes. *drool*


A few?! You can count my bags on one hand and none of them are as nice as yours!

If I had your bags & shoes, hell yeah, these would be my faves too!

i love all the shoes in the last photo, so chic!

by the way I finally have my blog back up! I was wondering if you might want to exchange links again?

- Ashley Heaton

Beth said...

Great collection!
Love especially those LV bags ;)
Beth xx

Penelope said...

A few, a few, of your favorite bags?! Jeez SU! You're too modest=p

I LOVE your bags! And shoes of course!:D

So Stylistic said...

Your wardrobe is SICK!

Mónica Lice said...

Ena, ena! Tantas malas e tantos sapatos, e giros!

Bombchell said...

those are some badass shoes & bags

the heels are fierce and the bags?! wanna spare a few?

Patricia S. said...

Uau!Boa colecção! Adorei sobretudo, os sapatos! Bons gostos:)

anacecilia said...

so many bags!! i have just afew bags but countless shoes and i love your collection!

Anonymous said...

that's a huge collections...surprised!!

I’m interested in link exchange and added your blog, can you add me.

Anonymous said...

eu tb tenho imensas carteiras e sapatos,ja n sei onde por tanta coisa


Karnikova said...

what a shoe collection!!! am i jealous or am i jealous! ;))

wow.. nao menosprezando a colecçao de sapatos, que colecçao de malas FANTASTICA! adorei!

Wow, are all this bags are yours? So envy at you...

Grace said...

I love your bag presentation!

Love Grace.

Pepa Xavier said...

Adoro a colecção!

Laura E. said...

You have quite a collection here!
Keep up the god work :D. I love the Chanel bags.