"The Style Strategy" by Nina Garcia - "The Style Strategy" por Nina Garcia

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I love reading, especially books and magazines related to fashion. That's why I was very happy when Nina Garcia ("Project Runway", "Running in Heels") released a new book "The Style Strategy" and I'm ready to order it. I already have "The Little Black Book of Style" and "The One Hundred" also by Nina, so I can't miss the new one.
Eu gosto muito de ler, principalmente livros e revistas relacionados com moda, daí ter ficado muito contente quando a famosa Nina Garcia ("Project Runway", "Running in Heels") lançou mais um livro, "The Style Strategy". Já tenho o "The Little Black Book of Style" e o "The One Hundred" que adorei, pois têm muita informação (toda ela relacionada com moda) mas estão escritos de forma simples e fácil de entender, para além das ilustrações que são fantásticas. Assim sendo, o novo livro já vem a caminho.

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Mimi said...

Hi doll!

I have a fabulous giveaway going on.

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xo xo

Great!. I wanna read books about fashion, today I was looking for new titles.

I love Nina, any book about fashion is a must-read for me!

Valencia Lia said...

Books on fashion are always so fun and I need to get this one in my hands soon !!

Nessa said...

Obrigada pela visita!
Volte sempre!


Pink Julep said...

I'm apprehensive about this one because while I LOVED the Little Black Book of Style, I thought The 100 was a waste of money with just a bunch of stuff we all already know... let us know how this one is!

Claire said...

This is on my reading list, too! Can't wait =)