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fryes shoes

Hello Stiletto Effect readers!
I'm very, very excited to announce a giveaway with Shopbop.com!
One very lucky reader will win a $100 Shopbop.com instant gift card for commenting about her favorite pair of Fryes shoes from Shopbop.com. Most creative and insightful comment wins! Psst, international readers, you can enter in this one also! and don't forget to Follow The Stiletto Effect. By the way, the winner will be able to use the gift card on any item from shopbop.com, isn't that great or what?


frye shoes

What's the big fuss over Fryes shoes?

Well, besides the fact that they are so cute, the Frye Company goes wayyy back. We're talking a century and a half! Frye is the oldest shoe company in the U.S., designing and producing stylish footwear since 1863.


During the Civil War period, Fryes shoes were a must-have for Union and Confederate soldiers. The brand remained extremely popular throughout the Spanish-American War through WWII. Even former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt wore Fryes shoes! Today, these shoes might not be popular amongst soliders, but they are undoubtedly sought-after by Hollywood's A-listers. Who? Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few. (I know what you may be thinking, Angelina & Jennifer have the same taste in both men AND footwear!?)


Especially during the 1960s and 1970s, the Frye company created a devoted following for the quality and versatility of their boots. As you all know, those are two extremely important characteristics When making an wardrobe investment, especially with shoes. They must be able to endure weather and wear while complementing your outfit.
Frye boots satisfy needs for everybody. Styles range from Campus, to Western to Work. The Harness or Engineer Boot (originally created to protect bikers from the heat of exhaust pipes), for example, can be partnered up with sexy skinny jeans or a cute mini.


How would you wear Fryes shoes? Which style suits you best? If you win this giveaway, you’ll receive a $100 Shopbop.com instant gift card so you can start shopping instantly for your favorite pair of Fryes. What's a better addition to a fall wardrobe? By commenting on this post, you are one step closer to winning! Tell us which pair of Frye boots is your favorite and how you’d wear them. The most creative comment wins!



Olá a todos!
Estou muito feliz por poder anúnciar mais um Passatempo Internacional, desta vez com a Shopbop.com! O vencedor irá receber um cartão de oferta no valor de 100 dólares que poderá gastar em qualquer peça da loja. Para isso basta escreverem um comentário acerca do vosso par de botas Frye favorito e com que roupa é que o usariam. O comentário mais criativo ganha! Repito, o Concurso é internacional, sendo assim todos podem concorrer e não se esqueçam de seguir o The Stiletto Effect.

48 comentários:

B! said...

O meu par de botas favorito são as Engineer Boot pretas e usaria-as para compor um visual rock muito na moda nesta estação e que se identifica muito com a minha personalidade. Há imenso tempo que andava à procura de umas botas assim mas são sempre muito caras e não são tão giras como estas. Com este cartão de oferta poderia comprar estas botas! Para compor o look rock usaria um tank top branco, blusão de cabedal preto (biker Jacket), umas skinny jeans deslavadas, uma mala com tachas, make up escura e sem esquecer os acessórios como os anéis e colares cor de prata . Desta maneira teria o look perfeito para arrasar no concerto dos Massive attack que tanto queria ir ver! A seguir ao concerto seguiria para uma noite num dos bares muito in do Bairro Alto onde dançaria até altas horas da madrugada, sempre confortável graças às minhas Frye Boots!

Espero mesmo conseguir este par de botas!

beijinhos e muitos parabéns pelo blog e pelos passatempos!

Barbara M.

Anika said...

How can I just pick one? As an Aussie, Fryes are hard to come by so we love them that much more! I adore the Deborah Studded Booties and the Maxine Trapunto Shortie Boot. Why? The Deborah studded boots are phenomenal. Studs, the famous harness buckle and soft leather. IS anything better!?!! I would rock either/both with:
i)a sheer oversize white tee and leather pants
2)a sheer oversize white tee tucked into drop crotch pants
3)an oversize sweater dress or men's business shirt and bare legs!


Stjarna said...

I'd like the second pair of boots..i think i can wear them with laces black tights, a leopard print miniskirt, black laces shirt and maybe a balmain's shoulder blazer!!

kirstyb said...

the 2nd pair are my absolute fav! i have been looking for the perfect pair of biker boots for a while now and i think they might be it lol xoxooxx

Fabulous giveaway. I'm torn between the Frye Shirley Riding Boots and the Frye Deborah Studded Boots. I would either with shorts, long or short skirts, jeans - there are so many possibilities. These are a great way to add something special to a very casual look. I think this are everyday-friendly. =)

Lori said...

I love Frye boots, I remember back when I was in NYC with my sisters and they purchased a pair. Now everytime they wear them I think of our vacation and I would love to own a pair myself!
I love the Black Veronica Slouch Boot, its perfect for the winter time which, here in chicago, lasts for like 6 months. Fryes are probably the only shoes that can last through our touch weather! I would wear these tucked inside my dark skinny jeans for a "model street style" vibe. It adds instant biker-chic to every outfit!

Isabel said...

Olá Susana Stiletto Effect!

Botas, sapatos, sandálias,... enfim são a nossa paixão!

Dos modelos da marca Frye disponíveis no site ShopBop, destaco as botas em pele castanho escuro "Dorado Riding Boots" (http://www.shopbop.com/dorado-riding-boots-frye/vp/v=1/845524441849637.htm?folderID=2534374302126033&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall).
São muito actuais por serem de cano alto mas ao mesmo tempo muito versáteis por serem de salto baixo: saõ adequadas para o meu dia-a-dia (trabalho, faculdade, metro, calçada portuguesa!!!) e também ficam óptimas para a noite!
Para um outfit dia-a-dia: Combinadas com uns leggings pretos e um vestido de lã cor creme ou bege, um colete de pêlo cor taupe ou cinzento e uma mala em pele cor natural a tiracolo!
Para os dias menos frios, optava por uns collants opacos, um vestido num tecido mais leve e um longo cardigan em malha e uma mala de mão.
Óptimas para sair à noite também, basta combiná-las com umas skinny jeans cor brut (azul escuro), um top de alças comprido, original e elegante e um casaco "biker jacket" preto ou castanho ou porque não outra cor mais atrevida!
São tão versáteis! Qualquer "outfit" fica completo com estas Frye Boots!

Parabéns pelo blog tão fashion!

Broken Doll said...

Yeaaah :)

Laura Trevey said...

Love the 2nd ones!!!

xo Laura

Meg said...

Great Giveaway!

I would choose the Deborah Studded Booties. I love how they look kind of sparkly! I would primarily wear them with my skinny jeans tucked in side. They would be such a great alternative to wear for a night out. Plus no one would mess with me because I'd look tough! They would also be great to wear with wider leg pants for a more subtle look. The only thing is, my dad would probably laugh at me, as he is a cowboy!

Anna-Maria said...

I would go for the Veronica Slouch boots in black because they are exactly the kind of boots I've been looking for; classic yet rockin. They would keep me warm during the cold winters in Finland and look so good with every outfit I own!

I would pair the Veronica slouch boots with my grey abstract Rick Owens dress, black winter tights, a black drapy cardigan, my MC leather jacket and a huge white scarf to top it all.

Juliet said...

So amazing again! Well, with no doubt the cowboy boots with the detailing (left on the second picture) are more bananas than any shoe I've seen in a while! (Actually even the ones I ment to buy as soon as payday arrives)

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

Já não vim a tempo de participar no concurso :s fica para a próxima.
Ah!, já visitei a lojinha e vou ficar atenta! :)

Lizzie said...

What an amazing contest!

My favorite pair of Frye boots are the Veronica Slouch Boots.
They look like they are perfectly worn in and like they have a history of their own before they are passed on to their new owner. I always love to buy things that look like they have history. I hate when I get a pair of rugged boots and they look so "new". You need to wear them in and make them your own. And with these ones they already come worn in, you will just continue making memories!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Emily said...

I combine the lovely black "Matilda Boots" with slimpants (which are in the boots), tranparent lace blouse and a short Cardigan. The jacket is in military-style, the gloves are made of suede and have buttons, such as the Matilda Boots have. I myself only wear black, therefore all parts of the outfits are in black.

Puedo combinar el negro "Matilda Botas" con slimpants (que están en las botas), blusa de encaje tranparent y una chaqueta corta. La chaqueta es de tipo militar, los guantes son de gamuza y tienen botones, como el Botas Matilde tiene. Yo sólo visten de negro, por lo tanto todas las partes de los trajes están en negro.

This is my personal style, maybe not everyone will like it, but that's Fashion, or not?

Look at my picture for this look at my Blog. Please follow the link:


I posted a second suggestion too! But the "Matilda Button Boots" are my favourit! They are great, I love them!

Pink Couture said...

I love Frye Engineer Boots!
Eu me as poria com uma mini saia ajustada até a cintura, de cor negra, umas médias escuras, uma camiseta larga de manga curta cinza, uma jaqueta de couro e quiçá um lenço de leopardo.
Têm um toque roqueiro genial!

Hanako66 said...

The Matilda Button Tall Boot stole my heart the first moment that I saw it! The ladylike silhouette of this boot is absolutely timeless and elegant. I think that they would be equally beautiful with a vintage style dress and tights as with skinny jeans and an edgy moto jacket to toughen up the look.

Great givaway! I have had Frye boots before and they have a really good fit. My favorites are the Deborah studded boots. Today it startet snowing in Norway, so I would probably wear them with my leather pants, a oversized wool sweater, faux fur vest and no jewelry, as the boots are a jewel in themselves.

Vi said...

Bem um passatempo fantástico! Espero mesmo ganhar as botas que gostei.
Para compôr o look escolheria então as Frye Dorado Suede Riding Boots, perfeitas porque não muito altas, o que é o melhor para quem anda na calçada lisboeta, e além de parecerem super confortáveis, tem um pormenor desta estação as fivelas. A cor é um género camel, a cor que mais gosto em botas.
Para o look perfeito usa-las-ia com um casaco comprido de malha grossa cinzento (para aquecer nos dias de frio que se adivinham), collants pretos e um vestido com um estampado floral ou um padrão de em várias cores para lhe dar um toque mais alegre. Depois uns brincos xxl dourados e uma mala que combinasse com as botas. Gosto muito deste look country-chic com acessórios género edie-sedwig, no filme The Factory, é o meu ideal de perfeito pelo lado girly com um twist!
o link botas:http://www.shopbop.com

e o link para a ilustraºão que fiz no polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/stillecto_effect_contest/set?id=13281660

continua com os óptimos passatempos

Becca. said...

Wow, what a lovely competition.
I'm so glad i have a chance of entering!
I have just been on the lovely website, and the editors pick which are the Deborah Studded Booties. Caught my eye, there gorgeous. There really pretty and remind me of the 'cowboy style' which i think will be big for 2010. The distressed leather on the boots, makes them look vintage, and more attractive. And i also love how the boots don't have buckles on them like the modern day cowboy boot. And how the boots relate more to the original cowboy style. and at a price of $498 i would not be able to afford them normally but i would be able to with this voucher if i won!

Melmo said...

Saw and fell in love with these biker boots: http://g-images.amazon.com/images/G/01/Shopbop/pcs/media/images/products/fryeb/fryeb2004912867/fryeb2004912867_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831691938_254x500.jpg
Gonna rock my life with these. Best way to start a new part of life? Yes by buying shoes. And these ones seem to be perfect. Actually I absolutely need a change.
So let me start rocking my life with these breath-taking boots.
I am going to wear them with a wide shirt, pencilskirt and leotights. Or a bit more chic with LBD and flowerprinted tights. I'd also admire to wear them with my newly bought Winter coat and sequins leggins. Too many ways to wear :).
Please give me this new chance.
Boots I hope you can become my new best friends!

Lucy from said...

For someone who likes the most simple items of clothing, I am strangely attracted to the Deborah Studded Booties. Why not settle for something glam and has personality written all over it? No wonder a lot of girls have already picked this pair.

I'd wear it with dark-wash skinny jeans with a lacy long-sleeve top. Finish it off with layers of chain necklaces and a large infinity scarf. Drama, attitude and glam!

oo wow nice giveaway! I'd wear those tan Billy short booties with dark tights, maybe black or dark blue, my H&M shorts, a graphic tee (or a white one!) and a military/safari-styled vest.

Midnight Sun said...

Estive na dúvida, mas acho que as Shirley Riding Boots seriam a minha escolha. Com um vestido-túnica verde (próximo do verde azeitona) que ainda há poucos dias comprei, o meu casaco de pele curto (meu amigo inseparável) e umas meias semi opacas castanhas. Completaria com um fio em tons de dourado envelhecido, um lenço estampado e uma mala camel. Acho que faria sucesso aqui na Noruega! :D

Adoro usar vestidos no Inverno com botas. Fazem-me sentir mais elegante.

No entanto, também estou totalmente a imaginar-me com estas botas, as minhas Levi's, uma camisa branca, um bolero e imensas pulseiras, numa saída à noite!

The Seeker said...

My fav def the Matilda Button-Tall Boot. They are chic and elegant and can lift up any casal look with jeans or leggings, but also meet the lady like vibe.

Emily said...

frye boots are the best!!! i just got the engineer 8r in black and i LOVE them!!

michelle_ said...

i love all of them to be honest .
but my fave is the fourth one from the left . the brown color and the buckle is just purely awesome . i think i could wear that all winter !

I'd wear that with thick patterned wool socks in grey color with a wrap around scarf (like those from burbeery), and a fitted blazer is a beige color .

Frye boots are timeless!

cocorosa said...

I'm frying for these :)

I love the Dorado Low boots and the Paiges too!!

jamie clare said...

the frye harness 8 boots in that beautiful distressed chocolate leather. they're the kind of boots that keep you honest, especially given frye's history. i'd sport them often to offset my feminine florals, frilly little dresses, and flouncy skirts!

verseastyle said...

I want the Frye Matilda Button Tall Boot in Navy! I would wear them with so many items. Skinny jeans tucked inside and a high neck, victorian ruffle blouse tucked in the jeans. I would wear them with a sweater dress that is empire wasited and really flowy but really short :). Really they would go with anything. Love the buttons and the color.

verseastyle said...

I want the Frye Matilda Button Tall Boot in Navy! What wouldn't they go with? First, skinny jeans tucked inside and a high-neck, victorian style, ruffle blouse would be fantastic. Also a very flowy, very short dress maybe even add a blazer. Oh - velvet high waisted shorts and a vintage sweater! Love the buttons and the color - beautiful!

The Frye Dorado Suede Riding Boots are my favorite. They have a rustic charm to them that I simply cannot resist! :)

My votes go to Matilda Button Tall Boots. They ahev some serious fashionista attitude;)

dee said...

the red melissa riding field boots -- i'd wear them with black fishnets, my black zippered miniskirt, a cream colored long sleeved henley, and a long sleeveless grey sweater cardigan. the perfect combination of edgy and sweet!

What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you so much!

I would definitely have to pick the Simone Cuffed Boots! That lovely dark brown color would go perfectly with dark-gray tights, a black sweater dress (mid-thigh length, long sleeves, fine knit...), and tons of silver jewelry! I see maybe a long talon necklace, a few liquid silver chains, and a snowflake obsidian arrowhead I have... Ooh! And then to accessorize even further with a gray-brown boiled wool purse (complete with white plastic octopus brooch) and a talon ring. Maybe a looped wool neckwarmer in gunmetal gray? A nice monochrome outfit to enhance that lovely colored leather!

Oh man, those boots. I'm drooling.
Thanks again!
- Zola

Dana said...

How exciting! I love the biker boots and I would wear them to rock on! Lol :)

Lilee said...

The Engineer Boot is my favourite because it is very simple but also very edgy, slightly punk and trendy. I would wear it with a mini flowing white dress with ruffles for a feminine touch and then a cropped black leather jacket to give the outfit toughness. Then I'd add a black bowler hat and some silver snake rings and some pearls on my wrists. It would be a perfect outfit for a day out in the city with some girlfriends, a picnic at a park or a date to the movies with your boyfriend! The whole idea of this outfit is the contrast between toughness and feminine.

As minhas preferidas são, sem dúvida, os Frye Dorado Riding Boots. Usaria-as com uns leggings castanhos, uma túnica tartan em tons vermelhos, um colete faux fur e uma boina de lã condizente... para passar um maravilhoso dia no campo, sem abdicar do estilo :)

soniaryder said...

Hi Susana,

My favorites are the Deborah Booties,Deborah studded and the Harness 8. They are just the must haves of the season.... With the plus of being confortable and intemporal... My daughter might just use them in 10 or 15 years from now!
I would wear them with leggings, baggy wool sweater, a nice scarf and a wool hat. Or, a black dress,pearls, leather jacket, for an evening out with friends.
They will always make you feel confident, no matter what style you might choose :)

I think the pair that fits my style the most is the second one. With those on, it looks like you are stepping hard:)
I would wear them with tight faded jeans, an extra large black or white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and a colorful scarf to give a sweet touch to the outfit!
Just thinking about it, I really want to have them!
You had a great idea:)


It's all about the Dorado Riding Boots! Who needs a pony when you have these babies! I'd pair them with leggings, an oversized grandpa cardigan, and a thick leather belt.

omg, what a fabulous giveaway!

my fav. pair would have to be the first one with the jewels! i'd rock them with leather pants, a flouncy top, biker jacket with a floral pink hairpin to complement the jewels on the boots.

flea said...

cool giveaway!! thank you!! I like the most the black one on the right! but I like the others too!! I really would like to win them!!! I would wear them everyday with mu skinny jeans and a blazer. I think they would be perfect! :) thank you so much for this opportunity! bye!

Anonymous said...

Hello Susana,
What a generous giveaway! I would choose the Deborah studded botie, they are gordious. Since I injured my spine a couple of years ago I can´t use any kind of shoes anymore so I often beg my sister to borrow her Frey boots. They are so comfortable but still so so cool. I always tell her when she force me to give them back. My Good! Sister, These boots are really made for walking.
Take care/Sue

Marla Singer said...

wow! this is really exciting! such a superb giveaway! i can't afford Frye boots but if I won, it would be awesome to purchase a pair of those stunning boots <33

Anyway, I would choose Melissa Riding Field Boots in Red Brown because they have such elegant color. I would wear them in fall season with a floral dress (something like Rebecca Minkoff's Robe Dress), a pair of black knee-high socks, a simple yet unique-shaped coat (something like Loeffler Randall's Knit Combo Coat), and a hat (something like Eugenia Kim's Muffy Waffled Cap with Horse Button) for total look. I think it's perfection <33

If I could choose one more, Cindy Slouch Boots in black would be perfect for leather-look. My dream clothes on shopbob.com for these boots would be Alexander Wang's Stretch Suede Combo Leggings, Mike & Chris' Rupert Leather Jacket, and the fab T by Alexander Wang's Baggy Silk Combo Tank!

OMG.. I'm so excited just for picturing all of this in my mind =DD


I'm exhilarated about the idea of winning the $100!

My favourite pair are Dorado Low boots in tan color. I guess I could wear them naked but I love clothes too much! ...so, I'd choose a pleated skirt from Filhas de Gaia with a simple white costumized tee and a brown leather jacket from Rock and Republic. Once that cold has arrived I'll add to the outfit a black fancy pair of DIM collants. ...and clearly one of the outstanding eyeglasses from Alain Mikli.

if you'd like to see how everything comes together please click at http://guardanapobranco.blogspot.com/2009/11/frye-dorado-low-boots.html