The Black Holes

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Wool shirt - Mango; Black top - Topshop; Faux leather pants - Pimkie; Shoes - Bershka; Bag - Zara; Jewellery - ? and Parfois; Nails - Chanel Le Vernis (Black Satin).
Camisola de lã - Mango; Top preto - Topshop; Calças em pele (falsa) - Pimkie; Sapatos - Bershka; Mala - Zara; Jewellery - ? e Parfois; Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (Black Satin).
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Anna-Maria said...

I love that hole shirt! The whole outfit is black-a-licious! ;)

Patricia S. said...

Amazing, as allways ;)

Gon said...

uhh! Sexy and misterious! Love it all!

Beijinhos Su,

love the outfit, your blog is amazing

link exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Imelda said...

Love this outfit and WOW those shoes! Love them!

Grace said...

I've been eyeing that sweater for sometime now!

Love Grace.

Holy sweater, Batman!


Dylana said...

Gorgeous sweater!

Nemerae said...

Such a cool jumper!!! =)

Juliet said...

I love the texture the holes create!

juliet xxx

Ole esos leggings de vinilo!!


Mikkel said...

Such a stunning outfit!

PUNKIE said...

this cardigan is so beautiful!

monikulus said...

I was hunting for the whole sweater myself... unfortunately it was sold out by the time I realised I loved it as much!

Nice style !!!

Olivia from London