The White Stripes

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Shirt and Vest - Pull&Bear; High waisted sequin shorts - Posh Pants; Stilettos - Zara; Stiletto chains ("Weekend Warrior") -The Chains of Love; Ring - A gift from my mother; Nails - haha who knows?!
Camisola e Colete - Pull&Bear; Calções de cintura subida - Posh Pants; Stilettos - Zara; Correntes para os Stilettos ("Weekend Warrior") - The Chains of Love; Anél - Prendas da minha mãe; Verniz - haha isso agora?!
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26 comentários:

C said...

i love this outfit! the chains and the stripes make it so perfect.

Anna-Maria said...

I'm loving the black and white stripes! They always look so fresh, well, they are timeless. ;)

Elle said...

adoro camisolas brancas com riscas pretas,como a tua.
Faz me lembrar a Coco Chanel :)

nuheila said...

I love your boots and the chains!!!
Perfect outfit!


freyja said...

amazing ! :)

Marta said...

Adorei o look!

trendydays said...

realmente faz lembrar Coco Chanel. Mas do que eu gosto mesto sao os sapatos *.*


Gon said...

Gosto imenso Su! Especialmete das correntes ahah!


Adorei o teu corte de cabelo!!
Os livros já chegaram.
Amanhã ligo-te.

tina_mbc said...

Love it!!!
Looking hot with the sequins and chains!


enc said...

I've never seen stripes done quite this way!

WANI! said...

I love stripes!

They look awesome on you Su!! way to rock them!!

AVY said...

Great style, well done.

Milly. said...

Hey lady.
I'm finally back on the blogosphere :)

Love your shoes in this outfit! !

M xx

Milly. said...

Hey lady.
I'm finally back on the blogosphere :)

Love your shoes in this outfit! !

M xx

i'm dying over the sequin shorts!

WendyB said...

Adorable shorts!

Juliet said...

I love the chains is your shoes!

juliet xxx

Marian said...

love this post, the shirt and images are fab

adorable shorts. :) and i love the color of your nails.

Oh...dear me said...

Love the outfit, especially the shoes! stripes pretty suit you!

That strioped top is really nice!I like the overall look!

Secret Agent said...

Whoa! Look great here. You're pretty awesome. Very cool haircut you have.

MIA said...

esta toilette está fantástica! e as fotografias também. adoro a camisola e os sapatos.

o teu cabelo é brutal

Fabulous outfit! I love the black and white top