she is adorable...

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Isn't Alice just adorable? Did you guys see the movie? I did and loved everything about it...

A Alice não é simplesmente amorosa? Viram o filme? Eu vi e amei...


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The dresses! I loved them! It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I did love the movie.


loved the movie =)

Amei o filme e quando de lá sai pensei num post incrível para fazer mas depois adiei tanto. Um dia ainda faço :)


Lizz said...

I loved the movie too! Alice is adorable.

é fofinha sim :) tb gostei

Cat said...

Amoroso é o Mad Hatter :P

Imelda said...

I didn't have time yet to see the movie, but I'm sure it'll be great!

Anonymous said...

tb gostei mt mas podiam ter feito mt mais coisas divertidas no filme


Diva said...

não me mate mas achei o filme fraco, talvez porque esperei e criei demasiadas expectativas.


Melissa~ said...

I saw it yesterday, It's was such an amazing thing to watch, all the colors, the characters, the effects, and alice is quite gorgeous.

Love the movie.

Pixie Dust said...

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Marinka said...

alice is cute I love her dress it looks so vintage^^

I have to see the movie, but i know it was great, all the special effects and all the characters!

Diandra26 said...

oi Susana!

quando é que saem os resultados do passatempo BopShop?