a british vibe

14:51 Susana Rodrigues 12 Comments


Parka: Westrags (international readers click here)

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J. Smith said...

u look pretty cool, I would love to own a parka like that one ;)

a. said...

love that photo!

Great look, loving the parka

Hi honey,
loving the picture! Great parka!
Unfortunately we didn't meet at LUX :-(((
Hope everything is alright?!
See u soon ;-)



Castanhinha said...

A parka é muito bonita, mas tem um capuz não tem? No site parece ter.

Bella said...

The parka looks great on you!

Tayler said...

nice find on the parka, I love it!


Susana R. said...

Castanhinha: sim a parka tem capuz :)

Anonymous said...

Love love the parka! Looks so stylish, totally rocked! ... Btw loved the song , never heard it before, but sounds great, already on my itunes! Happy Friday!xo


Rita G. said...

Gosto imenso da parka. estás muito gira:) bj

Felícia said...


Imelda said...

Love your coat and it's a really beautiful picture!