"T-Garden" by Patrizia Pepe

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The "T-Garden" by Patrizia Pepe "capsule collection" of tees is perfect for Spring and Summer. The tees are very girly, with lovely floral prints and it's also a very conscious collection since the packaging is eco friendly. You can also find gorgeous accessories in this collection.
I want one in my closet, for sure!
A colecção "T-Garden" by Patrizia Pepe composta por t-shirts e acessórios, é perfeita para a Primavera e para o Verão. É uma colecção muito girlie devido aos padrões florais, o que não implica que possa ser usada num coordenado mais alternativo (basta brincar com o styling).
Esta é uma colecção muito ecológica, incluindo as próprias embalagens.
Quero uma no meu closet!

Via: Patrizia Pepe

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Anonymous said...

Gosto imenso de Patrizia Pepe, consegue surpreender-nos em todas as colecções:)


Espiral said...

Adorei =D

Pena o preço =)

Phil said...

Lindo :)

YES su, we totally should meet up, if u were down to have a coffee and a bit of shopping, that would be WICKED. i'm there in mid-may...
anyway this watercolor collection is pretty cute, but it does remind me of prada ss08? i think that was it, when miuccia had all those limited edition garden-esque angel print watercolor bags>?
really hope your well, hear from you soon!

andrea xxxx
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