Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest for Rodrigo De La Garza SS2011 LookBook

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Rick Genest is a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Montreal. He is also known as "Zombie Boy" for being tattooed like a corpse across the majority of his body.
On March 5, 2010, A Facebook fan page was created about Rick's unusual choice of tattoos. This page reached more than 1,516,145 members and ultimately led to his discovery by Lady Gaga's Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti.
On January 19, Rick was featured in the new MUGLER Autumn/Winter mens collection, headlining the collection on the brand's website, after his discovery by Creative Director Nicola Formichetti. In fact it was Genest's discovery by Formichetti and then Gaga's urging which actually resulted in the menswear show, something not originally planned. His discovery also influenced Formichetti on the collection itself. The show was accompanied by a video featuring Genest shot by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco. He later featured alongside Lady Gaga in the fashion show for the women's 2011 Autumn/Winter line.
On February 27, 2011, Rick was featured in Lady Gaga's video for "Born This Way", with Lady Gaga wearing makeup to replicate Genest's tattoos. Genest can be seen styled in MUGLER by Formichetti and shot by Mariano Vivanco in the sixth volume of Vogue Hommes Japan, the editorial being titled "Hard To Be Passive". In the Spring/Summer issue of GQ Style (UK) Formichetti and he are interviewed, with Genest shot in MUGLER by Karim Sadli for the editorial.
Bellow you can see the new Rodrigo De La Garza SS2011 LookBook.
Photographer: Marcin Kempski / ilike-photo.com
Styling: Rodrigo De La Garza
Model: Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest / Why Not
Producer: Joanna Mroczkowska
Photos and Video: Courtesy of Rodrigo De La Garza

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